DenRoboTrack's digital transformation

This device introduces much-needed digitization to the orthodontic review process through the use of a computer program and imaging system for measuring and showing diagrams of changes in the process of treatment.


Gap monitoring

Monitoring and displaying gaps between teeth and face during orthodontic treatment.

Measurement accuracy

Achieving precise measurements using a U-shaped gauge, cameras, and lasers.

Advanced technology

Using cameras and lasers for cutting-edge orthodontic monitoring and assessment.

Patient identification

A specialized program accurately identifies patients and captures their results.

Smart device for orthodontics

DenRoboTrack is a smart device that monitors and displays a patient's teeth gap during orthodontic treatment. It utilizes a computer program and image system (2D & 3D) to measure and present diagrams illustrating the changes that occur throughout the treatment process.

Personalized orthodontic progress

In each step of orthodontic treatment, changes in the size or distance of the teeth can be documented and shown through a set of diagrams and 2D & 3D figures of the tooth. Through the fingerprint of each patient, the device can be adjusted for each patient aromatically, and all patient documents can be displayed and personalized.

Experience precise monitoring and assessment with DenRoboTrack.