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At DenRoboTrack, we introduce a revolutionary smart device designed to monitor and showcase orthodontic progress. Utilizing a u-shaped gauge, camera, lasers, and a base, DenRoboTrack precisely tracks tooth gaps and facial changes during treatment. Our mission is to enhance orthodontic reviews through digitization, offering advanced computer programs and imaging systems that present comprehensive treatment progress diagrams, ultimately empowering individuals on their journey to a confident and healthy smile.

With digitization features like computer programs and imaging systems, DenRoboTrack enhances the orthodontic review process by measuring and presenting treatment progress diagrams.

Hamed Moayedzadeh

Hamed Moayedzadeh

Chief of executive manager

As the Chief Executive Manager at DenRobo Track, Hamed Moayedzadeh plays a key role in overseeing the Dental Department's operations. He is involved in budget preparation, recruitment, and retention efforts. Hamed conducts regular performance evaluations for dental staff, manages clinical schedules, and coordinates leave. He also leads initiatives for the development of new dental programs, provides counsel on personnel matters, and actively engages with dental staff, addressing their ideas and concerns within the BOD Operations Subcommittee.

Mahnazsadat Hakamiha

Mahnaz Hakamiha

Director of technology development and research

Mahnaz Hakamiha, our Director of Technology Development and Research at DenRobo Track, plays a pivotal role in advising the management board and interim Chief Revenue Officer for multiple technology companies. She excels in executing complex project instructions, managing laboratory equipment, and conducting market research. Mahnaz collaborates with teams to achieve organizational goals, leads the development of efficient working methods, and fosters strong relationships with clinical teams.

Rouzbeh Iranzadeh

Rouzbeh Iranzadeh

Director of company operation, procurement, and production process

Rouzbeh Iranzadeh, our Director of Company Operations, Procurement, and Production Process at DenRobo Track, focuses on delivering strong business results, improving supplier performance, and ensuring a smooth supply chain. He collaborates with Electronics Suppliers for technical solutions and oversees logistic processes. Rouzbeh also manages procurement plans, proposes training for department personnel, ensures vendors meet contractual obligations, and contributes to improving clinical workflows. Additionally, he plays a key role in the repair of biomedical equipment and optimizes test methods during product development.