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A smart device for monitoring of orthodontic treatment



DenRoboTrack provides computerized and personalized monitoring of orthodontic and facial surgery treatments.



The device utilizes standardized measurement techniques, eliminating the need for manual caliper measurements.



By digitizing the review process, DenRoboTrack reduces errors associated with traditional measurement methods.



DenRoboTrack automates the measurement process, saving time and enabling clinicians to focus on treatment planning.

What is DenRoboTrack?

DenRoboTrack is a smart device that monitors and displays gaps between teeth and facial changes in orthodontic medicine. It uses a u-shaped gauge, camera, lasers, and a base to track tooth distance and facial impact during treatment.

With digitization features like computer programs and imaging systems, DenRoboTrack enhances the orthodontic review process by measuring and presenting treatment progress diagrams.

From gaps to smiles

Monitoring and displaying a patient’s teeth gap and face

Measuring and showing diagrams of changes (orthodontics)

Using a lens to align the device and specify the measurements

Our team

Hamed Moayedzadeh

Hamed Moayedzadeh

Chief of executive manager
Mahnazsadat Hakamiha

Mahnaz Hakamiha

Director of technology development and research
Rouzbeh Iranzadeh

Rouzbeh Iranzadeh

Director of company operation, procurement, and production process

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